Sunday, 26 February 2012

Hand drawn daisy for a stamp idea titled 'he love's me he love's me not' both images will be a separate stamp so you can let you imagination run free.
A hand drawn dandelion in white ink as another stamp idea in titled 'blow your dreams away' also drawn in black.
Hand drawn dandelion using black and white card to give it that simple effect, also can be used with colour and lots of embellishments.
Men's birthday card using blue and green card with stitching and button's.
A simple flower card using a heart punch to create a simple but effective birthday card.
My sisters birthday card using bold print and subtle background papers with flowers and brads.
Love shaped card for valentine's using ribbon to hold it together.
A simple scrapbook page inspired by my Great Granddad and Gran on her wedding day.
A wire charm I made with feathers and ribbon to make it look like a wind chime, with cricket papers.
Big bold statement letters work well with simple papers and brads this effect also looks good for names on a card or even in scrapbooking.